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Sticky Boards

The advantages of the above sticky boards are that you can capture more than one rodent on each pad unlike the conventional rodent traps. You can also see the main locations of task and where rodents are frequenting by the quantities captured on boards in the numerous locations positioned down. There is a reduced danger of rats dying in inaccessible areas, which will produce a foul odour and fly/maggot activity if not gotten rid of.

The drawbacks of the above catches are that they need to be inspected frequently and also they are restricted to one catch at a time, there is additionally a risk of injury to non-target insects, pets and children otherwise put in safe and secure areas.


The advantages of the above traps are that you can see if you have captured a rodent as well as there is less threat of rats passing away in an inaccessible area, which will produce a foul smell and fly/maggot activity if not gotten rid of.

The downsides of the above sticky boards are that when made use of in commercial properties there are rigorous guidelines that require to be adhered to regarding the regularity of re-checking, as it is attended be in-humane to leave a rodent still alive in distress adhered to sticky board. There is also a danger of sticky boards ending up being adhered to every little thing & every person who may accidentally be available to exposure to them, the glue will shed its sticky capability when left in dusty locations like stockrooms and also bakeries.


There are no disadvantages to bring out proofing job to stop or control a rodent invasion nevertheless it is essential to guarantee that it is performed appropriately as well as in conjunction with any kind of treatments for bugs.

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